Sell rental property easily and quickly with Progress HOME. Sell rental property easily and quickly with Progress HOME. Sell rental property easily and quickly with Progress HOME.

Selling Your Rental Property: How It Works

Buying that happens on your terms

Our no hassle process keeps things simple for you and lets our HOME Team concentrate on what really matters: helping you. Experience how easy it can be to sell your rental property. 

Provide your information to get started in getting your offer.

Step 1

Find out if we're a match

Step 1: Provide Information

Answer a few quick questions with our HOME Zone quiz and find out if we're a match with zero commitments to sell.

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Progress HOME provides you with offers that are at or above market price for your rental property.

Step 2

Opt in to get your offer

Step 2: Get your offer

Based on your answers, our team will analyze hundreds of market data points to ensure you get the best possible price.

Choose a closing date best fitting your needs. Progress HOME's priority is you, the seller.

Step 3

Talk to a real person

Step 3: Choose a closing date

If you have any questions about your offer or the closing process, talk through the details of the buying journey with our HOME Team.

Progress HOME ensures you receive the funds for selling your rental property quickly and efficiently.

Step 4

We schedule the inspection

Step 4: Receive funds

Our teams get in and out with minimal interruption to keep the process running smoothly, and minimize interruptions to your schedule.

Step 5

Choose your closing date

Step 5

We're flexible! Set your own closing date, and we'll work backward to schedule every step around your needs.

Step 6

Sign and get paid

Step 6

It really is that easy! Sit back, relax and watch for your funds to hit your account. The hardest part about selling with Progress HOME is deciding what to do with your proceeds.

Sell your rental property today

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